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The Basetrip data API enables you to create exceptional user experiences by providing contextual travel information to your users

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Useful & relevant information

"We have significantly enhanced our apps so that we can provide truly useful and relevant country information to remote workers and business travellers, without compromising development time."

Members love it

"When our members add a new house sit to their dashboard, The Basetrip automatically adds essential, country-specific information for them. It’s a fantastic value-added feature that our members love."

Timely & accurate information

"The Basetrip allows us to deliver timely and accurate essential information easily which would otherwise take us significant investments in time and effort which are outside or core business activities."

Enrich your content

Enchant your users with more in-depth and entertaining content by providing them with The Basetrip API data implemented in your brand storytelling. Boost your story potential with the added context to attract more followers.

Delight your users

Enhance your service and increase your customer engagement by offering extra added value to your inbound strategies. Make quality of data provided a priority.

Build something new

Embrace your entrepreneurial attitude and convert your great ideas into a reality. Save your time by focusing on your main feature and use our data to help you create new experiences.

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With 230 countries & territories covered worldwide we can provide you with any country data you would ever need.