Getting started

Welcome to The Basetrip's API documentation. Here you will find all the info you need to know to get started using our API, including endpoints & sample responses.

Getting the API key

To get the API key you need to register on as our API is powered by Mashape which brings you client libraries, billing & invoicing support and more. After registration - subscribe to one of our plans after which you will receive a Mashape API key to use in your requests.

All of the Mashape's features are available at the Mashape - Features page. If you have any additional questions regarding Mashape please take a look at their Developer resources or send us a message via chat.

Making requests

There are two main endpoints - one for country list and one for country details . For each endpoint we provided a sample request and response.

Base URL is

When you receive your Mashape API key, use it as X-Mashape-Key header on every request.

The only supported type is application/json content type.


If you need help feel free to send us a message via email or chat.