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About The Basetrip

The Basetrip is a website that gives you all the travel information for over 650 cities and 230 countries worldwide.

It includes accommodation & flight prices, visa & embassy information, electricity sockets, currencies, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices, vaccinations and more. Alongside travel information it also offers you travel tips that come from the community.

How it started?

The Basetrip started as a mini-project for just one country, Portugal, where I needed to travel. I searched for all the info by Googling individual phrases - “portugal currency”, “portugal visa”, “portugal weather” etc. At one point it became obvious there is a lot of quality travel info out there, but it’s fragmented and buried all over the place. I gathered, summarized and structured it all in one place. When I was done, I added some other countries, then all the European ones... Then the whole world.

- Sven Kapudija, Founder

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