Travel products. Supercharged.

Use The Basetrip's data to provide additional travel information and context to create next-generation travel products.

Enrich your products

Transform any country or city name into hundreds of data points.

Build premium products

Take your product vision to new heights and delight the users with the most accurate, complete travel information data available today.

Always stay in the loop

With tens of thousands of data points covering hundreds of countries & cities, we will make sure you always have the freshest information possible.

Global coverage

The most in-depth and relevant data available for over 230 countries & territories and 650 cities. Mix and match data points to get exactly the data you need.

Data from The Basetrip plays a vital role in servicing our users with quality data. We’ve found the API very easy to work with and well supported by the team behind it. Using it allows us to focus on other key areas of our product.

— Peter Lærke Lorentzen
CPO & Co-founder

Global coverage

Covering every country in the world and hundreds of cities


The Basetrip contains travel information for 230 countries & territories worldwide with ever increasing data categories.


With over 650 cities covered across the globe, we are making sure we have the information for the place you need.

The Basetrip allows us to deliver timely and accurate essential information easily which would otherwise take us significant investments in time and effort which are outside or core business activities.

— Matthew Cassidy

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